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About Beks Beds

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Comfort, Quality and Value for Money:

That's the Beks Beds Mission

Matt Beks: CEO and Owner

The Beks Beds Story so far

Beks Beds was founded by Australian born, British based and naturalised entrepreneur and father, Matt Beks. Since moving to the UK 12 years ago, his background has been in Digital Marketing and technology. More recently working within the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry. 

While in the latter roles as an Account Manager, he spent many days away from home visiting clients across the UK and across Europe staying in many hotels to varying qualities. From there he noticed that there were several issues hotels didn't offer - namely quality of product, value for money and basic homely amenities. Big chain hotel rooms tend to be more expensive than Serviced Accommodation while cheap hotels compromise basic principals of having a good night's sleep which is not ideal for a big hard day's work the next day. 

In addition to this, Matt's passion for traveling with his family meant that many hotels have been shared with his 2 sons in the same room which again affects the quality of sleep while travelling. Families deserve the added space for kids and parents alike.  

Beks Beds strives for the business or contractor travelers to have a home from home feeling while families the extra space to have the kids share their own room while the adults have their own personal space. 

Comfort, Quality and Value for Money - That is the Beks Beds Mission. 

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